It still feels like summer. Maybe summer in California rather than summer in Arkansas. But the trees outside my window are festooned with bright green leaves and the air conditioning is running.

Still, we just did the editorial calendars for October, and it is nearly halfway through September. So summer should be ending.

And what a summer it has been!

  • I went to Paris, to Nebraska, and to Kansas City a couple of times.
  • I spoke at three Word Camps and a meetup, and attended four Word Camps and two meetups.
  • One kid broke up with a live-in and another brought home a girlfriend for the first time ever.
  • One of said kids became Division Lead and the other got a teaching job at a college in our state.
  • My husband has a job after two years of unemployment.
  • There was a total eclipse of the sun.
  • Our first grandbaby was born.


Obviously, I haven’t been following my normal routines. It should be equally obvious that it is now time — now that I have had all this excitement, some personal and some vicarious — it is time to get back into healthy and successful habits.

Essentially, I’ve been off of my routines for a few weeks and then had a week or two to get back into my routines before I step outside those routines again. Naturally, I don’t get back to my good habits within a few days, but as I begin to feel good about fish and salad for lunch every day again or back to a normal sleep schedule, things change again.

I’ll have house guests again next weekend, and then of course the holidays will begin.

Maybe I need to figure out a way to make good decisions in variable circumstances instead of relying on habits? The habit of habits has served me well. I’ve been setting up my planner with checklists, but haven’t been tracking the things those lists are supposed to track.

Perhaps that’s the best starting point for getting back on track for the fall: tracking what I ought to track.