It’s just about a week till Christmas, and then it’s one more week till New Year’s. I reached my personal weight loss goal earlier this year. I went on to lose a few more pounds. Wii Fit wants me to lose another three pounds. At that point, apparently, I will be perfect. Could I lose three more pounds in the next two weeks and complete my weight loss journey in triumph?

I might. If not, that’s okay. My personal goal was a little different from what Wii Fit wants. I don’t have to please my robot overlord, do I?

But if I declare myself finished, then what? I worry that I might begin putting pounds back on. Will I set Wii Fit to “No change” for my goal and see each week that nothing has changed? Will that be motivating?

Or maybe I don’t really need motivation. I can stick with my good habits, or improve those habits, and stop thinking about my weight. I can collect non-scale victories. I can work toward fitness and never think about fatness again.

Here’s a song for today that is all about getting fat. And being charitable. And receiving God’s blessings in spite of poverty. Pretty good stuff for such a simple little song.