I started my New Year process last night with Susannah Conway’s New Year workbook.

Strictly speaking, I started by checking my website’s analytics, which were dismal. Oh, the year over year wasn’t bad, but looking at the numbers since the relaunch was dismal.

Then I collected the goals I had set for myself in last year’s New Year’s workbook and noted that I had failed at all of them — except that I had actually done the five things I said I would do to make my home a better reflection of my current empty nest life.

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In addition to my little house and garden improvements, I also took a vacation with my kids and I am very nearly taking a week off for Christmas as well, both goals I set last year. I had planned on having both my kids out of college, and only one graduated, but we helped him finish college and begin grad school, and are no longer paying that very costly tuition. #1 son should graduate next year. I gave up on Balance and gained back some of the weight I lost instead of continuing on to my goal, but now I have the skills and knowledge I need to do it successfully, so I can try again and do better.

I didn’t meet my SMART goals for living a balanced life, but I certainly did make progress. I went to plays with friends, knitted a couple of sweaters, a couple of scarves, and a hat — I may even finish a pair of slippers before the year is out, which would give me six FOs for the year. I sewed a nightgown, a top, and some simple bedding, and I also set up my sewing room so that it’ll be easier for me to work on creative projects this year.

As for my business, we had a good level of growth, even if it wasn’t what we had planned. We had some good clients and built a good team. We developed systems that will work for us when we grow more, and got a taste of what that growth might feel like, even if we didn’t make it happen this year. We learned some things. Our website redesign might not have been an unqualified success, but it looks very good.

In short, it was in many ways a good year.

It says something that a year of unmet goals and failure could also be a good year.