Scott Adams recommends focusing on a single metric when deciding how your life is going: energy. I have a good, relatively objective way to measure my energy level. I spend 30 minutes every morning doing Wii Fit step. At the end of the 30 minutes, Wii Fit tells me the number of steps I’ve taken. On a typical day, I take about 3000 steps. A high energy day is more like 3060. A low energy day is 2900 plus — but not quite 3000.

This data allows me to know how my energy level is without being too affected by emotions. “I’ve been feeling tired” is too inexact for me. But I have been feeling tired, actually. And my Wii numbers are low most days.

So the most obvious issue is that I haven’t been following my Good Habits precisely. I’m not getting eight hours of sleep. I’m not waking up to a clean and tidy house. I’m not getting the right number of steps or the right amount of exercise minutes. I’m eating sweets.

I’m also spending a lot of time with people and not so much time by myself. Work has been very demanding, so I’m working extra hours, skipping exercise breaks, and feeling some stress.

So what’s the solution? My sleep schedule is affected by my husband’s work schedule (and I shouldn’t complain, because praise God he is still employed). But otherwise, I have choices. Should I do a Whole 30 to get back on track, or just follow my basic eating habits rules correctly? Should I stick to my exercise schedule religiously and ignore the demands of work, or add hiking on the weekends? Should I work and clean more on the weekends to reduce stress during the week, or should I relax as much as possible on the weekend in an effort to recoup some energy and catch up on sleep?