Yesterday I researched and wrote a post that included, among other things, the fact that engineers are the grads who are most in demand, and yet only 5% of current college students plan to major in engineering. Only 46% of high school grads are strong enough in math for college — college tout simple, not engineering in particular — and a mere 31% have enough science.

There are lots of jobs in the world, of course, but engineers are pretty important for our daily lives.

The Ancient Romans built roads and bridges around people they planned to attack, just in order to show off and intimidate them. “They built 25 miles of wall in a season,”the locals were supposed to think, “so they could totally mess us up!”

Even before the Romans, according to Terry Jones, the Celts built major roads and fortifications to support their intense cooperative trading network.

Engineers have been responsible for safer factories, buildings grand enough to do grand things in, and flight. They identify problems and design things that solve those problems.

We’re not the Celts or the Romans, but do we want to be the civilization that had too many lawyers and pizza delivery boys and not enough engineers?