I do my 30 minutes of stepping with Wii Fit every morning — though I confess that I have actually missed a lot recently because of my houseguests and social events. Strength training has been much less routine for me. Like almost never do I even do my Daily Burn 365 classes.

So today I feel very happy to have sore muscles from the partial DB365 class I did yesterday. It’s shaming that 15 minutes of squats gives me sore muscles, but encouraging that I actually have some sore muscles for the first time in… wow… months.

Maybe the whole healthy habits thing has become a vicious circle for me. I have been slacking off on my eat-sleep-move routines, so I feel less energetic and more stressed and don’t feel like exercising and eating right. Add in all the social excuses I’ve had recently…

I’ve lost three pounds so far this year, though. That’s much better than having gained some.