So we have a big decision to make, and I’m working with the Other Party involved in said decision quite a lot. Today, in the midst of extensive writing (because it’s Thursday), I went to a meeting with the Other Party (henceforth, the OP).

It was a good meeting and I had a chance to meet one of the guys I have hitherto just been emailing with. Later, I got an email saying, “We need you. How can I entice you?”

That’s enticing in and of itself, isn’t it?

Also enticing, the Tiny Dessert above. A one-inch cube of chocolate cake, a golf ball of simple chocolate mousse, and a frill of whipped cream.

I wrote 8 blog posts today, plus working on two websites’ content, finishing neither. RescueTime says I’ve worked more than 11 hours today and have earned myself a break. So, since I am clearly not getting any work done at the moment, I think I will end the day now and go read or knit or stretch.