According to Mashable, today — the first Monday after New Year’s, not Epiphany — is statistically the most depressing day of the year. More people feel fretful and out of sorts today than on any other day of the year.

That’s pretty impressive.

I got back to work today, too. Sure, I worked 39 hours plus last week, according to my computer, but I took it easy in my own way. Today I got back to work properly. I had the right amount of work — enough to completely fill the day with interesting work and have more for tomorrow, but not so much that I didn’t feel I could stop when the day ended. orchid

In fact, once the day ended I made dinner for my husband and thought about a SWAP. I planned a SWAP last year and bought the fabrics and pattern, but did not sew the clothing. Since I have extended the deadlines for last year’s projects, I am going to make a SWAP this year. Obviously, I should sew up the  nice stuff I prepared to make last year. All that fabric is paid for, the planning is done, and the smart thing would be to sew up the intended SWAP.

However, there are some reasons not to do that:

  1. The fabrics I bought are lovely wools for the most part. In 12 weeks, when I have my SWAP finished, it will be March and too hot to wear wool. Even the rayon print, while it is not too warm, is too dark for spring.
  2. This year’s official spring palette is really good for me. The Color of the Year, hated by so many, is a truly becoming one for me, and the year’s green is one of my favorites. The gray is one of my best neutrals. In short, if ever there was a season in which I should have new clothes, this is it.

pantone2014fashionreport21 Are you convinced? I’m not sure that I am. It seems wasteful, frivolus, and improvident to think about buying more fabric.

However, I am contemplating planning a new SWAP. I found a pretty floral print — the sort of thing my daughters do not like me to wear, but what the heck? I think it would make a charming two piece dress and it suits the spring palette.

I have a very nice suit length in a shade of gray that is a bit paler and less warm than this spring’s gray, but again, what the heck? It would make a nice suit (jacket, skir,t and pants is the rule for a SWAP).


I can find a nice linen blend in Hemlock Green shade for the second suit, blouse fabrics in the blues and purples, and a pants length of twill in Sand to finish it off.

If I make one piece each week from now till spring, I’ll have a new spring wardrobe.

I’m still thinking about it.

The pattern on the right would work well, wouldn’t it? B5965b

In real life, I am back to working on the Nantucket jacket. I completed the back last year and then quit.

I’m also avoiding the Evil 6.

And being more appreciative of my husband.

I am making pretty good progress with last year’s goals so far.