I finished #1 son’s sweater. While I went out to get groceries, planted my remaining plant, did a little grilling with my husband, and scrubbed a toilet or two, pretty much my entire day was spent on the sofa with Netflix and knitting.


I still need to steam it before I send it off, but I think it’s a great sweater. The is the chunky cable sweater from Erika Knight’s Men’s Knits in King Cole Chunky Tweed.

Now what?

I have a list of things I’ve been planning:

  1. Marsala scarf: I have the yarn and the pattern, and if I wait on this, I’ll be making something in last year’s Color of the Year. Lace is nice for summer, too, and I could finish it in time to wear it for fall.
  2. Art nouveau mantel scarf: I’ve been planning to make this for a year now. This week I’ll pick up the print for the living room wall from the framer, completing the living room decorating I mostly finished last May. Completing the piece for the bookcase top would mean the living room redo is really finished.
  3. Dutchman’s puzzle quilt: I actually have three quilt tops that need quilting. We’ll be warmer next winter if I actually finish one (or all) of them. Also, the quilt frame takes up much of the floor space in the sewing room (see below).
  4. Spring SWAP 2015: We’re practically to summer. Should I skip the Spring SWAP and do a STP (Summer Top Project) instead?
  5. Sewing room redo: I’ve redone our bedroom and the living room, but the blue bedroom is less a sewing room/ guest room than a messy place where I stow all the craft supplies. It’s wasteful to leave it like that.
  6. Machine embroidery: I have the machine, the thread, the patterns, and I should learn to use the machine.

I’ll finish teaching for the summer on Friday when I give my final exam. At that point, I like to do a summer study of my own. This year I have a Bible study I want to do, and I bought a Craftsy class for making a weekender bag, so I could leap right into my studies.