I am about to finish the second skein of yarn on my Blossom Heather Adiri, and I have finally noticed that I’m doing it wrong.


You might recall that I had decided there was an error in the pattern because the cast on stitches did not work out to an even number of repeats. That’s because there should be cables in between the lace repeats.

Do I frog two skeins of knitting in order to follow the pattern properly, or do I accept that I am knitting something different, but perhaps equally nice… in its own way?

In other errors, I went out to dinner with a friend last night and had fish and chips and a champagne and Campari cocktail, and this morning I am 1.8 pounds heavier. I’d only lost four pounds this month in the first place, and half that is gone. Weight fluctuations of two pounds are normal, I realize, but still… Am I eating the Evil 6? Yes. Am I getting as much exercise as I want? No. I think getting caught up in work and life is what causes this, but I must recommit to my good habits and continue toward my goal.

Still, this way I won’t have to buy new clothes for the conference this weekend.