Last week lost much of its charm by the end of the week, peppered as it became with icons and meeting labels. There were no days last week that did not include social or work or networking events.


This week is getting just as bad. Yesterday I had no events — which meant that I got the newsletter out and implemented a new initiative for a client and got another client’s popup installed and did some of the items from our company’s 2016 marketing plan — but today I have three events. Tomorrow has two events listed, but the weekend is clear enough that I plan to do a good deal of cleaning and get that nightgown completed.

I’m doing pretty well with all these events, and making connections daily as planned for my 2016 Relationships Resolution. I’ve been exercising daily and have lost another pound. I’m keeping track of expenditures and making my husband happy by washing the dishes every day and being supportive rather than angry about his continuing unemployment.

The result of all this is that 2016 is — so far — productive and relatively stress-free. In spite of the events.