Last night Bill Nye and Kevin Ham debated evolution vs. creation on G+. It was interesting. Nye had all sorts of simple facts that show that the earth cannot actually be 6,000 years old, but of course all of them can be answered by, “God could have done that.” God can do anything.

Ham didn’t have anything that offered evidence that evolution doesn’t take place, or that the earth is in fact 6,000 years old, so he showed that some scientists are creationists, that you can’t prove God didn’t make the earth, and that science has been wrong before.

Nye rebutted Ham by pointing out that lots of religious people believe in evolution and standard models of geologic time, and Ham rebutted Nye by objecting that a lot of science must be taken on faith.

I’m fairly confident that nobody’s mind was changed by anything said in the debate.


I was glad to see the extreme position supported by someone who came across as a reasonable man.

As for the Wake Up Project, I woke up today stuffed up and sluggish and didn’t feel properly alert for about an hour. Was it sitting in front of a screen until shortly before bed? Was it having an animated phone conversation afterwards with my daughter? I don’t know.

Today I ate right, exercised, and stopped working on time. I had only one cup of tea. I’m going to leave the computer now, with a couple of hours before time for sleep. If my hypothesis is correct, I should wake up refreshed tomorrow.