I started Newport yesterday, in spite of my decision not to take on the quixotic quest to bang out a sweater in February. I also began reading The Healthy Deviant. This book takes the position that modern life is not good for us, and that it makes it hard for us to make good choices. Not a revolutionary idea at this point. But it did make me think about excess.

For one thing, I’m definitely working too much. What loses out? Housekeeping, exercise, mindful dinners, skin care, sleep. Instead I have too much stress in my life. Too much snacking. Too many meetings.

And too many WIPs. I know this because when I went to find a size 6 needle for Newport, I discovered that all my #6 needles are already in use. The gallery below does not show all my WIPs, or even all my WIPs on #6 needles. It’s just to demonstrate that I have a lot of unfinished projects. I have no business starting new ones when I have so many unfinished.

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But, just as I will continue to work more than I should for maximum well-being, I will probably continue to have too many WIPs.