Life has been exciting lately. Most of this excitement has been about work — ranging from the thrill of writing passionately about the lack of engineerings grads to the near panic of needing someone to do some fancy HTML and not being able to find someone for nearly two hours.

Yeah, this is about my emotional range.

I normally experience feelings like contentment, happiness, mild concern, and interest. This week I’ve felt stuff like worry and anger.

Yep, anger. I really noticed that. I was talking to the fifth person I had to talk to about our health insurance, and I noticed that my heart rate was elevated. Blood drained from my face. I felt my lips pursing.

“Wow!” I thought to myself. “I’m angry.”

I mentioned it to #2 daughter on Skype. It was kind of a red letter day.

I usually notice physical signs of emotions before I identify the emotions themselves. My basic feeling is happiness with occasional special awareness that I’m having fun, and I notice not being normally happy. However, I sometimes have trouble pinpointing what alternative to happiness I’m experiencing.

I have to catch physical things. I’m not sleeping well = stress. Stuff like that.

So tonight, between work and choir practice, I’m sitting on the sofa watching the Daily Show, feeling tired and satisfied. My muscles are noticably more relaxed than they were an hour ago. My feet are up.

The physical indications of having had an exciting week so far.

I’ll be interested to see what other emotions I might encounter this week.