I’ve made seven pieces for my Fall 2015 SWAP, if we accept that I didn’t follow the rules or indeed follow my plan at all.

  1. 2-piece sage and marsala print dress
  2. marsala jacket
  3. tweed jacket
  4. gray pants
  5. sage pants (from Spring 2015 SWAP)
  6. black pants
  7. marsala top (from Spring 2015 SWAP)
  8. Long-sleeved marsala top
  9. orchid top
  10. blue top
  11. rose sweater

Green= completed, Orange= underway, Red=not started.

I have one skirt and three pairs of pants, the skirt being part of the two-piece print dress incorporating the SWAP’s main colors. The pants? One pair is in one of the main colors, but the other two are nice, practical neutrals. With the two pairs of pants #1 daughter bought me for my birthday and a pair of formerly-two-small jeans I found tucked away, I can get my bottom half covered respectably every day.

I’ve completed two of the four tops and have one, plus a sweater, underway. I could make the remaining top this week and feel pretty good there.

The jackets are another story. The marsala jacket is stalled midway and I haven’t yet cut out the tweed jacket. Instead I cut out a Chimera Jacket in lavender. If it’s successful, I can replace the marsala jacket with a lavender jacket, completely undoing the original plan but possible giving myself a nice though rule-breaking fall wardrobe.

I have too much work/church/meeting stuff going on today to be able to sew up the Chimera Jacket today, and must buy thread anyway, but I could probably cut out both the remaining not-started pieces and feel closer to completion.

However, I have just seen the shocking news that Christmas is a mere 75 days away. If I plan to make any Christmas gifts at all, I must get to work.