I am not ready to think about fall sewing — I’m not even finished with my summer sewing — but I ordered fabrics anyway. You are looking at three pairs of Miracle Pants and a bright Pagoda Blue jacket — or the materials for them.

I am not ready to think about fall colors, either. Pantone has released their color report for fall, though. I am not following their lead this year.

The Pantone fall colors include gray and some shades near burgundy, which are colors I plan to use. There are a couple of shades of blue, but nothing near Pagoda Blue. I always like a nice peach or rose, but I am just not feeling inspired by this palette.

Also, I have fabrics in my stash from last fall, when I made half a dozen nice gray and burgundy pieces. I have big knitting plans for the fall, actually, so I will be making another half dozen pieces at most. Adding the bright blue and nutmeg will be plenty of excitement.

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