Tom Perez said he hopes we’ll fall in love during the debates, choosing a candidate we admire and can work for. Then when the nominee is chosen, he hopes we’ll fall in line and vote for them.

I can do that.

Here are all the candidates:



Yang is my favorite. The debates made me think less of many of the candidates. Williamson, Swalwell, Ryan, Inslee, Hickenlooper, Klobuchar, Gilibrand, Delaney, Bennet, de Blasio, and Sanders are all on my NO list now. I guess those who weren’t on the stage at all — Gravel, Moulton, Messam, Bullock, and Sestak — are also out.

Of the frontrunners, I’d choose Warren, but I think the nation will not vote for a woman, so I guess I’d support Biden. But I felt more positive about Buttigieg and Castro, perhaps Beto O’Rourke. We didn’t hear much from Yang and I think less of Harris.

We’ll see who we get, and I suppose I will fall in line. Harris would be an improvement over Trump.

The boys came over for Chicken Marengo and blueberry pie along with the second debate. Then Friday morning we discussed the debates with #1 daughter and the Good Ol’ Boy. The Baby joined in, but we don’t know who she favors, since she doesn’t know any of the candidates’ names.