I ordered the fabrics for a fall SWAP. Except that I did it wrong. I bought this pattern for my spring SWAP and ended up using a different pattern (and a different fabric, too), so I will be making this in the gray suiting as I had originally planned, plus a jacket and skirt in sangria, with the top and skirt in a sangria/gray print.


berry sterling
So far so good. However, I found three lovely prints using these colors — all in knits.

In an out of character fabric shopping orgy, doubtless fueled by my pleasure in the French knit I used for the first STP garment, I ordered them all.

SWAP prints are supposed to make a two piece dress so you can mix and match them with your solids. Prints — or at least these prints — can’t be mixed and matched with one another.

knit_5-4 knit_IT20781B knit_3-1

The obvious choice is to make dresses. Would I wear them? And what about the whole mixing and matching with the solids?

Second possible choice: find a pattern for a two piece dress made with knits.

Third possible choice: just make tops.