I enjoy planning SWAPs. I have planned more of them than I have sewn, to tell the truth, but this one might get done. If I complete this one, I will have done both a spring and a fall SWAP in one year. This will be a first.

Because I bought several prints for this SWAP (madness, I know), I have a couple of different storyboard options. Here’s #1.

Butterick 5965 is the major player here. I’ll make the jacket, pants, and skirt in gray twill, and the jacket and skirt (if there is in fact enough fabric for the skirt, which there may not be) in Sangria silk shantung. I’ll hope to find a good pants length in Cognac, since my lifestyle doesn’t really call for Sangria silk shantung trousers. That’s six solid pieces.

From the print, I’ll make a two-piece dress, either using the top/dress from Butterick 5965, or the pair from Simplicity 1467, which were so successful in the spring SWAP.

Then I’ll make 3 blouses in colors from the Pantone fall palette. I have bright cobalt lawn and violet rayon challis, and I should be able to find a third blouse length in Mauve or Cypress. The tops from the two patterns already mentioned should be just right for wearing under a jacket, and a third option is McCall’s 6650, two variations of which are on the story board.

11 garments. All four tops will go with all five bottoms, and either jacket will go with all the combinations, and the pieces will also work nicely with things I already have in my wardrobe. If I average one piece a week beginning next week, I’ll have the whole SWAP finished by October.

There is of course some suspense. Will my tailoring class make it possible for me to be successful in making the jacket or will I have forgotten all that I learned? Will I manage to sew one item a week or is that the purest fantasy? Will the patterns I chose for the knit, both of which are designed for wovens, look terrible in a knit? Will a pencil skirt make it out of my closet more than once?

Storyboard option 2 coming soon.