Things have gotten exciting at work. Nonetheless, I determined that I would take a PSD. After all, I put some of my sewing supplies into the budget as Clothing, so I have to make sure said supplies become clothing. You can see in the photo above how Bisi is helping me with my sewing.

1467line_lg 1467

I began with Simpilicity 1467. I had done the cutting and the main seams over Labor Day weekend, so I did all the hand sewing today while ogling Miss Phryne Fisher’s glamorous wardrobe. The top and skirt (or two piece dress) are complete, and I am subbing the very similar Marrakesh pants from the Spring partial SWAP.


Pretty, comfortable, not difficult — these are all in my TnT (tried and true) collection.

The jacket is another story.


It looks good with the print, it fits well, and all the pieces have come together well enough.


The peplum even looks smooth.


Hem tape is making the hem turn out nicely, too.


But you can see how badly the fabric behaves. It’s a synthetic “linen look” which frays and doesn’t hold a crease even when you want it to. I’m afraid to press it, frankly. I’m probably two thirds of the way through. I bet I can finish it this week. I bet I’ll wear it, too.

Fall SWAP 2015

sage and marsala

  1. 2-piece sage and marsala print dress
  2. sage trousers (from Spring 2015 SWAP)
  3. marsala jacket
  4. marsala trousers
  5. tweed jacket
  6. brown trousers
  7. marsala top (from Spring 2015 SWAP)
  8. Long-sleeved marsala top
  9. orchid top
  10. blue top
  11. rose sweater

Green= completed, Orange= underway, Red=not started.