I’m halfway through my Fall SWAP and fall has scarcely started.

Fall SWAP 2015


sage and marsala

  1. 2-piece sage and marsala print dress
  2. sage trousers (from Spring 2015 SWAP)
  3. marsala jacket
  4. marsala trousers
  5. tweed jacket
  6. black pants
  7. marsala top (from Spring 2015 SWAP)
  8. Long-sleeved marsala top
  9. orchid top
  10. blue top
  11. rose sweater

Green= completed, Orange= underway, Red=not started.


There’s the print (item 1), nestled between the orchid knit (item 9) and the tweed (item 5). Beneath that row of fabrics you can see the pants fabrics: from left to right, the knit-woven hybrid, Bengaline, and the ponte de roma (item 6).

I don’t have three pairs of neutral pants in the plan, but I am so delighted with my Elle pants that I was planning to make some more. The knit/woven hybrid, sure. It’s a weird slippery fabric, but it’s in a nice charcoal gray. But the Bengaline, though it seems like a nice enough color to go with the print, is not just slippery but also shiny.

The photo below may show more clearly how it gleams.


For a cocktail party, maybe, or an evening at the theater?