DSCN4034 What a wonderful autumn day!

I baked tiny Blushing Apply Pies. Why would a little pie blush? Because its lattice is so wonky? Maybe because the cranberries in the filling make it a little tart.

Bad joke.

In any case, they are quite tasty, and it was fun to make lattices, however slapdash. The picture at left doesn’t show the size very well, but the picture below shows them on the table runner, so you can see they really are little tarts.

I sat out on the patio and read and knitted. A great pleasure.

Before that we had the Kirkin’ of the Tartans at church. It’s an odd custom, and you could tell that the pastor thought so, but there are people in our church who love this custom. I like it because of the bagpipes — or, this year, the singular bagpipe. DSCN4035 You know that the people who came up with such an instrument were a very wild people.

We heard about the martyrs in Scotland. JLee described them as having “served God in their deaths,” which was an interesting way to put it.

It’s hard for us to imagine burning someone to death in God’s name, but quite a bit of that went on. The preacehr talked about the idea of providence. If it weren’t for this historical event,  he’d say, that historical event would never have happened. “It’s easier to see providence when we look back,” he concluded.

But that’s only because looking back lets us see the path. No matter what that path is, each step would be impossible without the step that preceded it. But if some other event had taken place, then some other path would have resulted. we would then be able to look at that path and marvel that without each of its steps, the path would not have been as it was.

It means nothing… or, if it was ordained by God, then it would have resulted, however long and twisted a path was required to reach that point.

In the evening, we took the dogs for a walk. We went to the pumpkin patch, where Fiona was petted y little girls in sneakers and spangles, possibly dressed for Hallowe’en, but perhaps just whimsical in their fashion sense. Either way, it was a lovely walk, in the cool autumn evening, with the occasional whisp of wood smoke from a chimney and many pumpkins grinning from doorways.