adiri2 Yesterday and today I have spent hours grading papers and writing blogs which didn’t get done on Thursday because I was in meetings.

There are still more blogs to write.

Assuming that I get them all done today, however, I will be able to get the bigger projects done tomorrow, and that will be an excellent thing.

In addition to working, I also did some knitting. I hope you can see Adiri’s pattern here — it’s very pretty, richly textured and a wonderful blend of lace and cables, neither overly feminine and frilly nor too plain. I think that #2 daughter will like it, and I feel fairly confident of getting it finished by Christmas if I can spend most evenings on it between now and then.

fall-garden I intend to work on it some today as well, though I have church and then a business meeting with #1 daughter.

I may do some knitting in the garden, where things have decided to bloom again. It’s time to plant fall bulbs, except that all sorts of spring and summer things have decided to perk back up in the cooler weather.

I’m not sure what to do about that. The front garden is spindly and puny enough that I suppose I should just dig it up and move on to the tulip and daffodil stage.

While  I think about that, I am also thinking that, having failed at the new HHP which replaced the old HGP, I should switch to the Christmas Countdown, which begins today. That way, instead of moaning over the fact that I haven’t yet thoroughly cleaned my bathrooms, created a basket of toiletries for houseguests, and checked my holiday linens, I can start on time with Get Organized Week. fallgarden2

This lets me go ahead and make my master gift list, check my Christmas card list (since I actually bought some cards), make a list of just the most important household spruce-up jobs, and concentrate on getting a gift box sent to the Antipodes. While I’m at the post office, I’ll buy holiday stamps, and feel finished.

I should also get some Christmas cookies in the freezer and carve out more knitting time so the gifts will be finished — plus coming up with ideas for the kids who didn’t request sweaters.

Hallowe’en is coming in just a few days. We usually get just a few Trick or Treaters, but we should probably have some candy on hand… I had planned on making Hallowe’en cookies for the staff meeting on Friday, but felt uncertain about whether that would be offensive to some of our team members.  Maybe I’ll make some today and take them to choir practice tomorrow. If I mix up a standard sugar cookie recipe I can do ghosts for Hallowe’en and angels for the freezer.