I started the day yesterday by playing with a storyboard for the SWAP I’m planning, then picked up doughnuts, ice cream, and birthday cake and heaed up to #1 daughter’s place, where people had gathered for #2 daughter’s birthday celebration.

We hung out and talked for a while and then went to Fish City for a celebratory lunch.
IMG_0164 IMG_0166 IMG_0167

Onward to the museum, where we strolled along the Orchard Trail and then went all through the museum, climbing stairs and whatnot, and then returned to #1 daughter’s house for further chatting. My husband decamped at this point and the rest of the men went to take naps.

#1 daughter and I went to a work event which was quite fun. Our hostess has a wonderful little studio apartment and had set out a savory spread and wine, and we had enjoyable conversations in and around work.

Back to #1 daughter’s (with a stop at the grocery store) for a cookout and birthday cake and presents, and then #1 daughter drove me home.


I think that was a fairly active day, and yet I had only 17 minutes of very active time and just a little more than half the steps for my goal. I think this demonstrates that I will never reach 10,000 steps through normal activity.