I dreamed I was designing a fashion collection inspired by the Aran Islands, or possibly Iceland. One of the guys in Sunday school class told me about his visit to the Aran Islands and how the ocean was badly behaved. I think that might have been the impetus.

In any case, the colors used in the clothing were these:

  • cliff (dark gray)
  • frost (white)
  • sea glass (pale green)
  • sea foam (pale mint green)
  • lichen (dark green)
  • flame (orange)

When I woke up, I was struggling to choose another warm color, maybe a pink or purple.

The garments included Aran sweaters, knit tops, jeans, tailored pants, a sarong style skirt, harem pants, and an evening dress with a twisted bodice. It was a winter/resort collection, so it also included a maillot, a bikini, a pareo, and an actual sarong.

Really quite amazingly detailed.

I don’t go on winter resort trips or tropical cruises, so I probably won’t make this collection, but it was actually nice.

The Ignite Your Magic question yesterday was about our wardrobe. Does it express me? Yes, actually, I think it does. I’m quite happy with my wardrobe right now, and taking pleasure in choosing the right shoes and bag when I leave my home.

Maybe I need more green in my wardrobe, though…