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Fashion in Paris

June 17th, 2017

I was imagining that Paris would be filled with chic, well turned out people.  Not really. The lady in the dress and hat above was a fair example of the minority of smartly dressed people. Her companions were more representative.

Not that they're badly dressed. Just ordinary. Comfortable shoes, casual clothes. Neutral colors.

Some of the standouts were doing photo shoots, which probably doesn't count.

Here's what I noticed: 

  • Pants were worn tight at the ankle, almost universally. 
  • Tops were narrow at the shoulder and floaty at the hem. 
  • There were quite a few interesting hems to be seen. Handkerchief, hi-low, lantern, and such. Half-tucked tops were occasionally seen, but not common.
  • Drop-waist dresses were more common than in the U.S. and showed up often in store windows. Must be an upcoming trend.

I did like the traditional African clothing that was visible on most streets. I never got a chance to take a shot of any of these folks while pretending to be photographing the scenery.

So I plan to make more narrow pants and floaty tops this summer, to remember Paris. I don't know about drop-waisted dresses.

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