There are a variety of lists of jobs which, researchers have determined, are likely to be replaced by robots. While the most reliable data suggests that most jobs include tasks which will be replaced by robots (or already have been), this is not the same as entire jobs being replaced. It is certainly nowhere near the common claim that half of human beings will be out of work by the end of the decade (or choose your date). But I can see why models might need to be replaced.
I’ve never been to a fashion show, but it seems as though runway model photos generally show stick-like girls with hostile or empty expressions, arms falling gracelessly at their sides. Robots could totally do that. These pictures are from Mood Fabric’s listing of fashion cloth in the colors Pantone has listed for home decor in 2018. You have to pay Pantone for the complete listing and I didn’t, though Mood did. It’s eight palettes, which is so many colors that I probably wouldn’t get a whole lot out of it. I’ll wait for the spring fashion forecast. I did notice, since I just made a bright orchid scarf, that purples are back on the list after a couple of seasons off. Bright purple is actually on the London Pantone fashion palette for fall. But those models? Robots would be just fine. They can be designed for a certain shape and expression, freeing the women of those inhuman requirements, and programmed to walk up and down like automatons, which they will in fact be. I see no downside. STEM or STEAM training for former models will be a plus. They have a short work life anyway.