I have never been a fan of this song, but this year marks its 50th anniversary. It is in the Top 10 Christmas songs, and has been herd by 3.8 billion people. It contains only 19 words, 6 in Spanish and the rest in English, and it included a cuatro (a small Puerto Rican guitar) on its original recording. All this information makes it more interesting to me, for what that’s worth.

The album for which is was recorded also includes Handel, “The Cherry Tree Carol,” and all kinds of other surprising stuff.

This summer, Jose Feliciano got together with a bunch of other people and re-recorded the song. He explained that he was coming up on his 75th birthday and feeling depressed about the pandemic, so he thought What the heck? or words to that effect.

He also brought out a children’s book based on the song. I ordered two copies today.


Otherwise, I worked. My husband found a ham and I ordered garlic sausage, so I guess we are pretty much ready. Oh, I have baking and decorating and such to do, plus some more gifts to wrap, but all shopping is complete.

Most of the needed wrapping will be wrapping of gifts from #2 daughter and #2 son, whoo had their gifts shipped here before the pandemic changed their holiday plans.

I am happy to say that #1 son and his wife are coming over for Christmas Day. I surprised myself by being upset at the thought of Christmas Day alone.

Or just with my husband, who probably wouldn’t stay home with me to celebrate a holiday that he doesn’t actually observe. I had gotten accustomed to the idea and was approaching it with a positive attitude. However, I am glad that I don’t actually have to do that.

It’s pretty sparkly in here.