boar1 I had a good class today, joined the senior team members for a pleasant lunch and a good meeting, took a serious step closer to solving our website issue, and got some wonderful news from #2 son.

He had been one of four candidates for a research assistantship, and he was chosen. He’ll be conducting research on feral swine for the USDA. They asked him whether he was comfortable in the outdoors and he said, “I’m from Arkansas. Outdoors is what we have most readily available.” I might have the words wrong there. It was something like that, though.

So naturally they chose him.

It’s definite today and he starts on Wednesday. They’re paying his tuition and a stipend for five years. I had encouraged him to take the risk and work really hard this term in hopes of getting an assistantship next term. Here he is with a really interesting assistantship after just a week or so.

I’m very proud of him.

It’s the Labor Day weekend. #1 daughter and I are going to mix business and pleasure tomorrow, getting our systems wrapped up so we can start getting this implemented in time for our October deadline. We’re going to watch movies along with this ambitious project.

She told me about this show called The Profit. This guy comes in, looks at everyone’s process, product, and people, and in one week turns everything around. It has taken us way more than a week to get things sorted out and we’re not entirely finished yet.

I think we probably need some help, but we don’t know who to go to. So we’re learning as we go. Learning is good.