I completed the Month of Self, January, filled with deep contemplation and business planning and personal inventory and whatnot and have started February, the Month of Relationships. True, February this year contains Lent, a time of deep contemplation and personal inventory, and also relationships are in my annual goals this year, so there is a good deal of overlap.

There’s also overlap between the Whole30 and Lent, which means Mardi Gras is out this year, in spite of my having given it a bit of planner space.

And I am complicating things by starting a 30 Day Declutter Challenge today. Our first assignment was the entryway. My entryway contains no clutter, as it happens, so that was easy. I tidied the shoes in the shoe cabinet and that was it. Tomorrow is the coat closet; I anticipate a pleasant hour or two sorting that out. Wednesday is bookshelves, of which I have about a dozen. They are all neatly stashed against walls, so maybe I can just check them off that way.

In any case, “Declutter Challenge” doesn’t sound exciting, so I downloaded the second book in the Konmari method series, which speaks of a tidying festival, which sounds much zippier. I figure I can listen to the book as I declutter, or tidy, or whatever I end up doing, and it will seem more like a festival.

I sewed up those pants last night and thus had something respectable and well-fitting to wear today. I had a pleasant meeting with the Art Professor this morning, followed by our Monday lunch/staff meeting. In the afternoon I had a call with a new lead, who I hope will hire us, and the Art Professor had a couple of potentials for us as well. I also made good progress on several projects today, plus the usual blogging and social media. And I did fine getting back on track with my Whole30 in spite of having a restaurant meal.

Good day.