The pantry is an ongoing effort. I still have cookies and candy left from Christmas and I actually have candy for Easter as well. The holidays are the biggest issue, but I think the only way the pantry gets tidy and stays tidy is if you have the same items all the time and merely refill them as they get used up.

Or you have a continual round of tidying the pantry.

I’m feeling good about it right now, and I think I deserve that gold star.

The top shelf holds tall, rarely used items. I can’t reach it without a step stool.

The next shelf down holds whole grains, pasta, and pulses. There are some mixes hidden behind that front row. Bread mixes, Belgian waffles, pancake mix, brownie mix, cake mix…

The middle shelf is baking supplies. The most basic stuff is in my kitchen baking cabinet. The pantry has alternative flours, baking chips, and such.

Next shelf down has packaged goods: canned fruit, beans, and tomatoes, seasoning mixes, pouches of tuna and pasta sauce.

The floor has bins and baskets. Special occasions baking tools, boxes of cookies and candy, extra coffee and tea. I thin that might need to be cleared out — used or given away. There are appliances down there, too. My bread machine and a slow cooker and such.

It’s good, though.