Here is the new file drawer insert I am testing for review. I have at this point given up on it entirely, though I will have to master it in order to write the review.

It’s nearly 8:30 in the morning and I have basically been wasting time all morning so far. I had plans to get some work done, exercise, clean my house and especially my office, and take a PSD (personal sewing day). These are all sort of big plans, and not necessarily compatible with one another, so I may just be stuck in trying to decide which one I should actually do.


My whiteboard is also badly in need of an update.


And here all are the files waiting for my new file drawer insert. And also an erstwhile stack of papers which Toby the dog has been using to build nests.

I’m not a procrastinator, but I think that’s what I’m doing so far today. I’ve placed a pantry order, found a possible pattern for #2 son’s Christmas scarf (swatching ahead), and updated my phone operating system, and the first two items translate to looking at lots of pictures on the web, a pretty clear waste of time. I think I will spend an hour cleaning, then do my filing as long as I can stand it, and then move on to my PSD at a not too unreasonable hour.

My husband is still asleep, and there are probably plenty of other people who also are lazing in bed at this hour.

They might not be living in squalor like me, though.


I’ve come back to say that I completed my filing, chatting with #2 daughter the while.


The public areas of my home are clean and serene and I did laundry and grocery shopping. I plan to clean the front porch this evening (it’s the last day of HGP Front Porch week) and until then I will sew.

I’m feeling relaxed and happy about all this. Key to maintaining that feeling is of course a resolute refusal to think about work. I will strive to do that.