We’re flying out tomorrow. We’ve had a very nice week. A morning swim, solid work in the morning, a walk to the Plaza for lunch, good conversation, more work, then dinner and conversation in the evening.

Yesterday’s lunchtime walk took us to The Better Cheddar.Ā  They made us sandwiches with top quality ingredients and a level of meticulousness and delicacy that caused the wait for the sandwiches to last for nearly half an hour.

They presented these lovely lunches to us on plates, which was fine except that there was no place to eat them, in or outside. They gave us a bag on request, and we carried them the half mile back to #2 daughter’s place.

I also bought some Yorkshire tea, not realizing that I would pay $30.00 for a box that costs $12.00 on Amazon, and glace apricots, which are not available to me in my town and which I love. Altogether, it was about the equivalent of a weekly trip to the grocery. Since I haven’t made a trip to the grocery this week, that works out fine.

Our walk back to the apartment, winding through the lovely paths you can see at the top of this post, was very pleasant, except for 100 yards or so of hill at the end. It was a hot day, I am old, and I reached the apartment with a red face.

I’m not getting in the number of steps I usually do each day, but between the swimming and the hills and stairs (19 floors yesterday, according to Fitbit), I feel as though I am getting in training for all the walking we’ll do in Paris.