I had my last appointment today — unless I have problems.

So far I’ve had nausea, to the point of swapping the new, final appliance for the old one while I had some time with #1 daughter, my husband, and the littlest grandchild. Chewing is painful, but otherwise it’s normal discomfort — like a bra, or shoes, or earrings.

I’ve gotten used to the first one, and the extraction sites have healed. The dentist tells me I’m much healthier now. I believe I will be able to get used to this final one as well.

But I have not felt well today. I am back on soft foods. I’m eating way too little produce, and have a heavy reliance on ice cream. I’m getting as much sleep as possible. I’m exercising regularly. I’m planning a little sewcation for myself over the long weekend, and I hope I’ll be back to normal after that.

I am definitely ready for this episode to be over.