Tonight was the last showing for September Bears, but also the end of a season which included a performance of the Nelson Mass and the big Easter Music. I’ve had no days to myself for two and a half months.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and #1 daughter, who will be celebrating her second Mother’s Day as a mother, asked to have a day all to herself. It doesn’t look likely. #2 son is coming up on his way to Colorado and she has in-laws staying with her. I might go get the Baby so she can at least have a leisurely bath.

Extroverts don’t understand about needing a day to oneself, I’m sure, but it’s a big deal for introverts like me and #1 daughter.

The show was fun. I have no acting talent, and I didn’t get any particular thrill from the smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd. Instead, I thought, “There. That’s the last cue and I didn’t screw anything up very badly.”

But it was a touching play and it went well, people responded positively, and it was fun to work with other people to accomplish something. I hope the audience received a blessing.

As for me, I had a peaceful day before the show, and I plan a nice hot shower and an early night with a book. I will be very happy to see #2 son tomorrow, and maybe #1 daughter as well.