The surgeon for my first bout of cataract surgery will cost me $1,200. The surgery center? They require payment up front but when I spoke to them today they couldn’t tell me how much it would be. The entire bill, I was told when I made the appointment, would run to about $6,000.

I will be deeply in debt.

I can go cold sheep on yarn, fabric, and other craft supplies. I can stop losing weight and have a moratorium on clothes shopping. Being supremely frugal, I can pay it all off next year.

It’s a lot of money. Especially considering that I’ve been paying $3,000 plus a year for insurance for years without using any of it.

On the other hand, it is quite wonderful that I can just pay money and not go blind. And it’s good that I can come up with the money for the purpose, even if I’m having to borrow it.