teamask The jacket might be finished. I got all the issues with the collar sorted, and I did the hems and sleeves and a little feather stitching at the back vent pleat and removed the basting. I should topstitch it, but I am afraid that I would make a mistake and destroy it.

Accordingly, I plan to press it and then decide. And photograph it, either way.

The day was interesting, filled with phone meetings and intriguing emails and interesting things to write. At one point, having apparently forgotten that I was virtually present at a physical meeting, a couple of other early arrivals settled in for a cozy gossip. Had I known any of the protagonists, it would have been quite fascinating. Later, a phone call had to stop briefly because the Vice President’s entourage was making too much noise — not, of course, on my end of the phone.

It is possible that I was on the less interesting end of the phone in each case.

This evening I am alone in the house, a great luxury, and I plan to try out a sample of Fresh Black Tea Mask and continue reading the new Terry Pratchett. The mask retails at $30-50 an ounce, so I assume that it will be an amazingly luxurious experience and will make my skin luminous.

I have four bona fide physical meetings next week, so a little luminosity wouldn’t go amiss.