I’m not through with my HGP assignments for the week but I am making progress.

The master bath still needs scrubbing and I have to change out the drawer pulls and cabinet drawers, but it is becoming a nice space. Here’s the Before:

It was really just messy. Here’s the after:

The box of new hardware is still sitting on the counter, as are the cleaning supplies. A lot of other stuff, too, actually. I like a bit of clutter, but it might be too much.

It’s cleaner, too, but the baseboards and the curtain and floor all need washing. I’m going to knit for a while, but my work is cut out for me for the evening. My husband works nights and is sleeping now in the master bedroom. The bath is en suite, so it makes a good excuse not to continue working on the week’s cleaning right now.

The other holiday prep stuff for the week mostly hasn’t been getting done.

I bought jars of gravy and I might make cookies. There’s no room in my freezer, though. I was able to wedge in the strawberry ice cream base for my Ninja Creami. The Littles are coming over tomorrow to help me make ice cream. I don’t think that counts as making holiday goodies, though.

I haven’t wrapped any gifts, though I have been working on Fleming, my major gift for the Secret Santa. I did end up with two giftees for the Secret Santa, actually. I’m okay with that.