I cleaned and organized my closet, dressers, vanity, nightstand, and all the untidy piles hanging around my bedroom — except those belonging to my husband, who doesn’t like to be tidied.

It has been years since I made any actual changes in this bedroom, but I still like it a lot. #2 daughter made me install blackout curtains last time she was here, so it remains in a condition of crepuscular gloom at all times, but that makes it restful, right?

My nightstand is organized, with slippers and knitting tools at hand.

My closet is not entirely organized by color, which I guess could happen before the end of the day, but the shoes and handbags are. The ends of the closet which are not visible in this photo hold luggage. I got rid of a lot more too-big clothes, and ordered my drawers equally well. I added lavender sachets — I just refilled the ones my sister sent me from France years ago with dried lavender buds.

I am feeling proud of myself, actually. I made #1 daughter come and admire my handiwork when she came over today with the girls.

Yes, that is a WIP quilt in the corner. Wanna make something of it? My vanity table might need a little more work, but I did organize my jewelry. You can also see, reflected in the mirror, the garbage bag I haven’t yet removed from the room.

I haven’t cleared out the middle drawer of the vanity, though I did take care of the other drawers. If I get that last drawer done tonight, I will feel that I did a good job this week.

I finished shopping for the littles’ Christmas gifts, started on the big grandchildren, and finished up the sons in law. I made chicken soup which should go into the freezer today, though I still haven’t cleaned or defrosted said freezer. I plan to bake some more cookies today, which should motivate me to get the freezer defrosted.

The plan for today is mostly knitting, with possible baking and freezer defrosting. I did the bank deposit, put away my Instacart order, and played with my grand babies.It was a busy week, so the weekend should be about rest and de-stress.