In addition to my efforts to eat more varied veggies ( hello, artichoke!), I’m also trying to mix up my exercise. Wii Fit is every day — I managed to get those 3,000 steps on most days during the holidays, even. But I want to increase my Frequency Intensity Time, and also to do strength work. I also want to lessen the negative effects of sitting, and I work at a computer all day.

So I bought a FitDesk. I spent about 20 minutes with it yesterday. I don’t know how long, even though it has a meter that shows you this, because the meter is hidden by the computer and when you stop peddling, the data disappears.

I’m worried about being able to write, what with the giant handlebars and the peddling. So I just used it while proofreading blog posts.

But I think it will be not only a good source of increased activity — definitely got my heart rate up — but also a stress reducer. Those times when I mindlessly pop cashews in my mouth as I work (or, okay, candy if it’s available) can be changed to times when I peddle.