Here are my fitness challenge tools.

I also had some habits to master before tomorrow’s start date:

  1. Eat apples and berries every day. I thought this one would be very easy, but I have forgotten that apple about half the days.
  2. No carbs after lunch. I keep assuring myself that I’ll do this in September, but I certainly haven’t done it yet.
  3. No added sweeteners. Ditto.
  4. One meatless day each week. I haven’t even tried this yet. I don’t think I see the point.
  5. Go to bed hungry. I’ve been sporadic with this one.
  6. Plan one splurge meal a week. Again, I haven’t tried this yet. Sunday lunch sounds like a perfect opportunity. So I guess I had better quit splurging on all the other meals.

First thing tomorrow I’ll measure and do the fitness tests and get going.