c Elements

Almost two weeks after my bold pronouncement, I’ve made no progress, either in improving my habits or in weight loss.

Here are the things that have interfered with my plans:

  • I’ve been sick. I’m having one last day of rest in hopes of getting completely recovered before WordCamp and my vacation.
  • We had a holiday, which involved desserts and family fun and meals together and more desserts.
  • My husband was off for a week, meaning that he was always around and I didn’t feel free to exercise in my usual way and my usual time. My illness is my excuse for not having made the effort to find alternatives.
  • Feeling sick (and still working) and sorry for myself led me to choose comfort foods, including pizza and pasta and chocolate.
  • I also had low steps — under 2,000 one day and interrupted sleep.

So those are my excuses. Or possibly actual reasons for my failure rather than excuses.

So I’ll try again.


  • No-decision breakfast is protein waffles and fruit, optional smoothie, tea
  • No-decision lunch is salmon and salad
  • Mindful dinner, trying new recipes, lots of veggies, daring flavors… no simple carbs
  • Snacks, if needed, are vegetables, fruits, nuts, occasional dark chocolate


  • 3,000+ steps in Wii Fit, no excuses, every morning at 6:00 a.m.
  • a second effort most days: DB365, weights, riding desk, hike