I cast the church service this morning. There were just a handful of choir members present, and we got a message this afternoon saying that choir practices are canceled for the duration.

I also made my Birthday Offering donation online, since losing income is a concern.

Then I had what has actually been a less restful day than usual — but still quite restful. Usually I try to soak up as much solitary lack of movement as possible, lolling on the sofa knitting. Today I did a bit of work — coronavirus messages on websites — and a bit of housework. I cut out four tops — Spoonflower fabric and HotPatterns patterns.

I put scalloped potatoes (or Potatoes Gratin Savoyard) into the oven for dinner. I’ll follow it with the pie I made yesterday.  I did some knitting, though, and I plan to settle into that seriously. I’m getting close to the ribbing on the first Newport sleeve.