Fleming, a pattern from Clan Arans knitted with wool from the Aran Sweater Market, size 38 on #5 needles, is complete.

It’s gorgeous.

I have enough of the wool left to make a hat or something, but I have done enough cables for now. I am going to start the Forestfox Cardigan. I did a swatch last night and will cast on tonight.

Now I have to confess that I faltered in my cold sheep resolution. In gathering the yarn and deciding on the colors to use, I discovered that one of the colors I needed was missing. I think it was sold out when I placed the order.

The fox needs two shades of orange — apricot and rust — and that’s kind of essential to make it look like a fox. I expect this to be another epic project and I can’t see putting in all those hours and then having to make an apricot and burgundy fox or something. 100 grams of Rust Heather Lett Lopi was all I needed, and it seemed necessary.

Okay. Ordering 100 grams, two skeins, of Rust Heather can be done. I found several stores that had the yarn at $5.75 a skein. The Icelandic Store had it for $2.99 a skein. $11.95 for shipping.

Obviously, this is not falling off the wagon. I was just rectifying an error. If I had caught it before January 1st, I would not have hesitated to place the order.

And it just didn’t make sense to pay twice as much for the yarn to avoid getting it from Iceland, especially since I would still have to pay shipping to the U.S. stores.

But did it make sense to pay more for shipping than for the yarn? Or did it make more sense to add to my order, at least a little bit, so the shipping could be a more reasonable proportion of the cost?

Yes, it is the first week in January and I already have broken my cold sheep (no yarn buying) resolution. Sigh.