This wreath is going to be a mobile over the Baby’s bed. Yesterday #1 son came over with his kids for the day. #1 daughter came down and we had scalloped potatoes and salad and homemade rolls for lunch. We had our meeting and then the children stayed overnight.

We had pizza and movies, played a new game, and made Jell-o by request of the Little Girl.

Then I made banana nut bread and a breakfast casserole.

I took those things up to #1 daughter’s place, where the Good Ol’ Boy’s mother and grandmother were already at work on the Baby’s nursery.

#1 daughter and I got to work on the wreath.

I love these colors.

I came back and warmed up some leftovers. I’m knitting, watching Netflix, and enjoying the first taste of solitude in… months? It feels that way, at least.