fouroclocks The 4 O’Clocks aren’t yet blooming, but they’re lush and healthy. The nasturtiums are just starting to bloom, as you can see below.

I spent some time outside reading today after church. Also cleaned a bit, baked some banana bread (two Evil 6 points per slice and worth it), and worked a bit.

#1 daughter and I had our weekly meeting yesterday, got the next bit of our Business Systems Development thing done, and enjoyed salad lunch at Panera.

As it happened, we started out at Atlanta Bread Company with tea for me and hot chocolate for her, and after sorting through a lot of business, we left and ended up at Panera Bread. There she had a Chopped Thai Salad and I had Chicken Berry Salad. Delicious. nasturtiums

The two places are essentially the same, aren’t they? Yet we both felt that Panera is better quality for some reason. I feel sure there is a branding lesson there.

In any case, we moved on after that to the theater to watch “The Internship,” a nice marketing effort for Google.

I love Google, as you know. One of my favorite companies and I will defend them anywhere, but yes the movie was a paean to Googliness.

Also very fun. I even enjoyed the ads and trailers, which is not by any means always true.

So you have a bunch of accomplished comedians, right? There are two older, non-techy guys who end up working as interns at Google. What do you think the plot is?

shakespeare-bandaids Did you guess that the older non-tech guys will be scorned by sassypants young techies, but will end up teaching them important life lessons about human connections, which will turn out to be the Googliest thing of all?

Yeah, that’s what happened. It doesn’t matter. Great movie. Very happy and fun.

Afterwards I came home and worked a bit more, till it was time to make dinner for #1 son and husband. In doing so, I burnt my fingers. They are hideously burnt and blistered, and I was in serious pain all evening. I fell asleep with my hand plunged into frozen foods in lieu of an ice pack.

windowbox Today I’m okay, though, and I have put Shakespearean Insults bandages on. “Thou hast not so much brain as earwax,” says one. The other riposts, “They wit’s so thick as Tewkesbury mustard.” You can see that this allows my fingers to insult one another in the picture above.

However, it does make me a bit less capable than usual, providing an excellent reason to mostly read.

One more flower picture — pretty windowbox.

I am about to go cook again, for the same people, but I hope I will not face the same results.