green-set Here’s a finished object: a hat and scarf in City Tweed. I love the feel of this yarn — very nice to work with, and a lovely soft fabric when you finish.

Is this the first finished object I’ve had this year? Horrible thought, but possible. It hasn’t been a good year for crafts.

It has been a good year for business. Good for relationships, too. I’m not sure I’ve learned much. I had a good start with diet and exercise but have gotten completely off track there. I don’t feel as though I’ve learned much this year, nor had many adventures, though #2 son’s graduation was a fine milestone.

Yesterday Janalisa and I went up to the Next County to meet with a client. He’s heading off on a tropical vacation,  feeling a bit frazzled and burnt out.

#1 daughter and I are also thinking of going on vacation, taking a family road trip to get #2 son to college, and I may need to get some serious work in for that. After all, if I can’t currently manage to get to the gym or to stop work before sundown on most days, what makes me think I can take a week off?

Must figure this out.