The world has been too much with me, so today I am luxuriating in the beautiful day, my lovely home, and the quilt I’m working on.

First, I did some housework, waxed the firepit, and went to the local Hancock’s, which is going out of business.


I picked up some fall fabrics for me and for #2 daughter, who was shopping by phone, at 55% off.

I don’t really like the Pantone fall palette this year.


So I’m thinking I’ll make the gray suit I’ve been planning on for a couple of years now, with some iced coffee, plum, and pink.

Thinking about the suit made me think also about what #1 daughter has said recently: we don’t follow through on things.

I’ve never felt bad about works in progress that remain works in progress for  long time, but having a lot of half-started projects may mean that all of them take longer than they should. I have 10 projects at work, which is somewhat ridiculous, but focusing on one at a time might be more effective.

Ditto for my projects at home: the Adiri sweater, the Little Girl’s quilt, the sewing room redo, the patio redo, the last bits of the living room redo, the office redo, the Marsala shawl, three other quilts ready to be quilted, several sewing projects, and all the plans in my mind, too.

So I am determined to finish the quilt before moving on to anything else, but that doesn’t keep me from thinking about all the other possible projects as well.