I had to try out this fondant, an excellent Italian brand. A person with little to no cake decorating skills can’t make that perfect wedding cake smoothness first crack out of the box, but I think that I could do better next time. It was fun, too.

But I also have a cake in my house. And some cookies. And ice cream bars. And I have been eating these things.

So I went today to an appointment with the eye doctor. I had intended to get some progressive lenses. It should have taken about three minutes. Instead, my prescription was completely different from a few months ago. The doctor was alarmed. He gave me eye drops and said to come back next week and try again.

I’ve been alarmed about my sight. It seems as though my eyes are failing quickly. I worry about being unable to read, unable to write.

The doctor suggested that it could be diabetes. Or something wrong with my corneas.

I have actually been having a fear of diabetes recently. I don’t know why. I am breezily convinced that I am immune to cancer and that vegetables with protect me from heart disease, but somehow diabetes scares me. Arthritis, too. We’ve never had diabetes in the family, but I felt so thirsty all the time while dealing with my mother’s death… and I’ve been losing weight… and now dry eyes and blurry vision…

Okay, that’s not actually convincing, but it’s enough for hypochondria.

The Jeremiah study today asked us to think of something that is troubling us. I thought of my vision and the possibility that I might have diabetes. The study asked us to look for God’s presence in what we worried about. So I wondered whether I might need a reminder that I don’t eat sugar. I don’t need the Evil 6. I want to continue improving my health, losing weight, reaching my goals.

I don’t normally hold with looking for messages from the universe, or coming up with my own interpretations of what God means to tell me. But that seems like a good message.

I also found a list of other possible reasons for blurry vision. I could have a brain aneurism. I could have Computer Vision Syndrome. Or hypoglycemia from eating too little. Or multiple sclerosis. Or it could be my antihistamines.

So I guess I will accept the message and recover my balance after backsliding. And maybe find a doctor. And throw away the cake. And use the eye drops.