It’s Analytics Week, which I love, but that means that I have to do about 24 extra hours of work while also doing all my regular work.

There have been a couple of days when I got up and got right to work instead of starting my day with 30 minutes of stepping. I haven’t slept well every night. I’ve eaten canned soup and, truth to tell, a lot of sweets.

After a stretch of pastry and ice cream and pasta and sandwiches, something happens. Strong tastes like fish and vegetables seem too bold and bitter. Soft, sweet or mild flavors like eggs and crackers and bread seem more acceptable.

Part of that is the stress, perhaps, and the time pressure, but it also becomes a habit.

I’m spending evenings knitting and reading, trying to focus on my caring for the clients and not to get overwhelmed by the workload.

Next week when the analytics are all finished I’ll have to get back on track.